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Friend SMS
Posted by: Rabindra Shrestha - Ktm

A "Friend" Is One Special Person Who Can Pull Out A Happy Tear From Your Eye ... Even If You Don't Have Tears To Cry ... (:

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Posted by: anrup dc - Middelfart,denmark
friendship is always a sweet responsibility,never an opportunity.   Post Comment

Aap Jaisa dost
Posted by: umesh pradhan - urlabari morang
Roshni ho to diya jalta hai, Shama ho to parwana jalta hai, Rishte na ho to dil jalta hai, Aap jaise saathi ho to zamana jalta hai.   Post Comment

sab yaad aa jayega
Posted by: jina pradhan - dharan sunsari
Jab Aap hamse ruth jaoge Jab Aap hamse khafa ho jaoge Jab Aap hame bhul jaoge Tab gaal pe aisa thapad padega ki sab yaad aa jayega.   Post Comment

what is Friendship?
Posted by: sangam rai - kathmandu, nepal
Friendship is not a game to play, It is not a word to say, It doesn\'t start on March and ends on May, It is tomorrow, yesterday, today and everyday.   Post Comment

like U
Posted by: madhur khanal - itahari, sunsari nepal
A Friendship is Sweet when its NEW Its Sweeter when its TRUE But Its Sweetest when the friend is like U.   Post Comment

a friend like u
Posted by: muskan - itahari, sunsari
For me U r as…
Chees 4 pizza..
passport 4 visa…
butter 4 bread..
ice 4 freezer..
cream 4 cake…
water 4 lake..
leaf 4 tree..
a FRIEND like u is 4 ever 4 me..!!   Post Comment

Posted by: Sagar Basnet - Salakpur
Stars has 5 ends Square has 4 ends Trinagle has 3 ends Line has 2 ends but Circle of our friendship has no end…   Post Comment

मित्रताको ढोका
Posted by: mahesh - Damak, Jhapa
याद आयो भने आँखा बन्द नगर्नू, भेट भएन भने पनि दु:ख नमान्नू, हामी सधैँ सँगै हुनुपर्छ भन्ने केही छैन, तर मित्रताको ढोका भने किहले बन्द नगर्नू ।   Post Comment

True Friend
Posted by: Prativa Poudel - Ilam

To have a lovely life;
Either, one must have a True Lover Greater than All Friends,
Or, One must have a True Friend who Really Cares,
More than a Lover...

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