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Nabil Three Star wins British Gurkha Cup beating Manang Marsyandi
02 September 2010 | Views : 850

Nabil Three Star Club of Lalitpur won the British Gurkha Cup 2009 beating Manang Marsyandi Club 2-0 in the final on Sunday at the Dasharath Stadium.

First half was goalless draw and in the 59th minute Three Star took a lead while striker Santosh Sahukhala scored through heading for Three Star. In the 2nd minute of second half injury time, Three Star Midfielder Pradeep Maharjan scored another goal to win the title.

Three star received Rs. 10,00,000 as title winner and CMMC received Rs. 5,00,000 as runner up of the tournament.

Best Player Of the Tournament - Bijay Gurung from NTSC with yahama alba moterbike
Best Forward - Santosh Sahukhala from NTSC with Rs 50,000
Best Midfielder - Shiva Shrestha from CMMC with Rs 50,000
Best Defender - Rohit Chand from Machhindra Football Club with Rs 50,000
Best Goalkeeper- Kiran Chemzong with rupees 50,000

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Comment Section
i lake nabil terr star club and fan of this club i nwill play of england iam from of london i like this club
Posted By: sanu | Address: kathmandu | Posted on:2010-06-22

three stare lai mero tarfa bata pani badhai cha
Posted By: shekhar humagain | Address: australia | Posted on:2010-01-17

congratulation of all the players of three star
Posted By: madal rai | Address: dharan | Posted on:2010-01-17

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