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Indian Idol 6- Kolkotta Audition
11 June 2012 | Views : 1433
Indian Idol 6- Kolkotta Audition

The Kolkata auditions of Indian Idol 6 take off. It’s time for the City of Joy to show their jalwa and present their best to impress the Tridev. The City of Joy known for its cultural heritage and talent ka khazana, is all set to showcase their ultimate talent tonight in front of the judges.

Kolkata auditions started with a surprise. Suparna walked inside the audition room after a tedious journey of six hours from her village to Kolkata. With no professional training, her only chance to take her first lessons was through Indian Idol. The girl’s every bit of hope was shattered when Sunidhi bluntly said a no to her singing. But when the master came to know of her untrained background, Sunidhi felt the need to give her a second opportunity which only a few lucky contestants get.

It was Anu Malik‘s turn to shock everyone.  He traumatized each one when he blew her off without any emotions. But Anu ji is Anu Ji!

Suparna turned her back and was walking away when she heard his words, “yeh leke jaao” with the ticket to Mumbai in his hand. Tears of elation and gratitude filled in her eyes. Suparna could see her dreams taking off at that very moment.

But will Suparna succeed in taking her singing to the next level? Will she take her first ever singing lessons being on Indian Idol?

Kolkata audition  was onscreened on  8th June 2012 Friday.

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